Bicycle Barometer

We designed and evaluated an interactive bicycle count display, i.e. Bicycle Barometer, that gathers opinions from cyclists as well as conveys real-time, multi-dimensional data regarding cycling behaviour.
© Marjon Marx

The agency of designers, users and artefacts in architectural design

This PhD project aims to develop a framework that provides architects theoretical and practical footing in designing towards social ends. To achieve this goal the project will link philosophical studies of design and design practices by studying how different forms of agency that together bring about the social role of an artefact can be involved in the architectural design process.
mock-up of a room in a residential care facility © osar architects

Design-oriented ways to inform architects about people’s spatial experience

This project aims to develop design-oriented formats to inform architects about diverse people's spatial experience. It combines insight into how people's experience is attended to in contemporary architectural practice, with an analysis of techniques fostering insight, empathy and innovation in other design disciplines.